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Hearn Says Fatso Fury Is On His Farewell Tour


WBC Heavyweight champ Tyson Fury is finished, according to Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn.

Fury, who has ducked both Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk in the last year and been protected from having to fight any mandatory challengers by the WBC, is only in the game now to make easy money according to Hearn.

“In one interview, it’s $100 million, and in another interview, it’s $200 million. I would say [he’s] making over $100 [million] Ngannou and Usyk,” Hearn commented to IFL TV.

‘It’s probably 30 and 70 and 30 and 80, but I’ve heard there’s a rematch clause, whatever happens. So, it’s probably plus. Maybe you want a rematch clause. Imagine if I said to you, “You get x for the first and guaranteed x for the second.” You’d go, “f— it, I might as well do it.’

‘If you’re Fury, you want the rematch with Ngannou just in case, especially if the Saudis are offering him a ton of dough. Why not? It’s not like fat and old-looking Fury has an ambition to start fighting the killers in the division that would take advantage of his poor physical condition, lack of activity, and his rapidly advancing age. At this point, Fury is just out for the easy money for what is essentially a farewell retirement tour.”

Fury has stated many times he has no intention of ever fighting Usyk or Joshua but it’s possible he can be forced into those fights if his circus sideshow sparring sessions against the likes of novices like Ngannou generate lousy numbers.

Hearn is also still optimistic that Joshua and Deontay Wilder will finally square off against each other soon. But the charade of this fight seems to be a never-ending charade of bluffs from the Wilder side, a scheme to keep Deontay’s name in the news while he doesn’t fight, because no one wants to see him fight any more PBC hired patsies, the public will only pay to see Wilder face Joshua or Usyk.

Hearn has been trying to match AJ with Wilder for years and dedicated countless hours to the pursuit but the Wilder team never commits, they even rejected $120m to fight AJ twice a few years ago. It’s more than possible Team Wilder is once again faking negotiations with Hearn and their secret plan is a fourth Fury fight next year.

Hearn has made countless offers to Wilder but nothing has ever materialized. Wilder’s team just made the one bluff offer of $50m to AJ but when asked for a meeting to discuss that figure and where it was coming from, Wilder’s management declined and went into hiding. Wilder’s team never made another offer to Joshua.

It’s more than clear that it’s the Joshua side which has been hunting Wilder for years and it’s the Wilder team which has prevented this heavyweight showdown from happening.

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