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Tyson Fury Explains Secret Racist Scheme To Blackball Eastern Europeans

By Scoop Malinowski

Tyson Fury has a big mouth that can’t stop talking. And sometimes loose lips lose control and say too much. And in this case FAR too much.

Well, that’s exactly what Tyson Fury did. He talked too much and revealed a boxing deep state secret racist plan to ostracize and blackball Eastern European fighters like Oleksandr Usyk.

There’s a video making the rounds on Twitter which shows Fury exposing the secret scheme. “He (Usyk) is a foreigner in a westernized world. The heavyweight champion should be from the United States or Great Britain. Nowhere else. That’s it.”

“The belts are in the west and they’re gonna stay there.”

Fury revealed this dirty ugly truth before Usyk fought and beat Anthony Joshua twice to take the IBF, WBA and WBO belts.

“The heavyweight champion of the world needs to be from the west. That’s it. That’s how it goes. Britain or America are not interested in some Ukrainian boxer.”

This is outrageous racism and discrimination Fury is revealing against not only Eastern European fighters but also South American, Australian and Asian fighters, who, according to Fury, are not allowed to hold or challenge for major world championships. And if they somehow win major titles, like Usyk did, they will be eliminated or canceled as soon as possible.

Now that Usyk holds three of the four major heavyweight title fights, Fury is revealing the boxing deep state is essentially going to eliminate Usyk from the heavyweight throne because he’s not from American or Great Britain.

This explains why Fury just ducked a heavyweight unification fight vs Usyk and now the boxing deep state is setting up Usyk to face a British fighter named Dan Dubois, where it’s highly probable the belts may be stolen from him and transferred to Dubois by corrupt decision, because, as Fury revealed, “The heavyweight champion should be from USA or Great Britain, nowhere else, that’s it.”

This is a major, MAJOR screw up by big mouth Fury because it reveals there is a monopoly in play to control the world heavyweight championship and it is absolutely also pure racist discrimination against non American or British boxers.

Usyk and his team may consider lawyering up to try to break up this monopoly that is ruining boxing.

This dirty ugly secret that Fury has made public may be the worst, most outrageous example of racism in the history of boxing – or any sport.

A “world” champion must be from ANYWHERE in the world – not just USA or Great Britain.

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