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Biofile Tim Palesky Interview

By Scoop Malinowski
Status: Boxing media, TV show host Knock Out TV, New Jersey Boxing Hall of Famer.
First Boxing Memory:  My first memory of boxing was 1971, the Fight of the Century and all the hype that led up to the bout. I was ten and everyone was talking about it. I remember the barber shop banter with my dad and the shop. We both were rooting for Joe Frazier. I never was a fan of the loud mouth athletes. So I was against Ali. I loved it when Frazier won that fight. He was my first favorite fighter and my all time favorite. And 35 years later I interviewed him.
Inspirations: Jerry Quarry always inspired me. And truly anyone that laces up the gloves is an inspiration.
Last Book Read: Andy and Don: The Story of Mayberry and the Andy Griffith Show. I’m a huge classic TV fan. I loved it.
First Famous Person You Ever Met: Jack Tatum, Oakland Raiders Safety. I met him when he was at Ohio State. My neighbor was his college teammate and OSU wide receiver Bruce Jankowski.
Favorite Movies: Dirty Dozen. Great Escape. Warriors. Animal House.
Greatest Career Moment: I was at a funeral ceremony at a Jersey City Church for Arturo Gatti. Henry Hascup, NJBHOF President, was going to toll the bell in tribute. I was sitting in the back by myself. He asked all members of the boxing community to come up on stage. Many well known. I just sat in the back not thinking I was a part. Henry called me up to be with them all. That tearful moment told me that I was in the boxing fraternity.  And of course a humbling moment when I was inducted into the NJBHOF (2022).
Most Painful Career Moment(s): I was homeless living in my car. Shaving in a gas station bathroom. I’d get dressed real nice and go off to a boxing event and afterwards back to my car. Keeping jobs is very difficult when you have severe depression. Some days you can’t go into work, so much anxiety and overwhelming paralyzing feeling. I’d have to leave work early. So keeping steady work really put me in financial extreme struggle. But somehow I was able to get to those boxing events.
Funny Interview Memory: We were taping a show in the studio with Chuck Wepner as my guest. My 4-foot-11,  80 year old mom ran one camera. While talking with Chuck, he often looked into the camera, but my mom thought that he was talking to her so she started taking back from behind the camera as film was rolling. It was classic mom.
Strangest Interview:  Was with Pipino Cuevas up at the International Boxing Hall Of Fame in Canastota, NY. We needed a translator between us to conduct the interview. Every time I asked him a question he would tell the translator in Spanish and than the translator gave it back to me in Spanish. Too funny.
Favorite Fighters To Watch: I’m old school. Frazier, Quarry, Hearns, Boom Boom (Ray Mancini).
And this new sensation from Japan. Inoue. He is very exciting.
Favorite Fights: Ali-Frazier I, II III. Gatti-Ward I, II. Ron Lyle vs Foreman.
Funniest Boxer Encountered: Has to be Dicky Eklund. He is a character.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate marshmallow.
Favorite Artists:  Elvis Costello in music. LeRoy Neiman and Bill Gallo art.
People Qualities Most Admired: Gratitude, devotion.
College: Ramapo College.

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