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Fury Ducks Usyk For Third Time

By Scoop Malinowski

Tyson Fury may set a boxing record for ducking one opponent – Oleksandr Usyk.

So far, Fury has ducked Usyk three times. The first time was the fake negotiations which resulted in Fury ducking Usyk to fight the UFC novice Ngannou this past fall.

Then after Ngannou, Fury promised to fight Usyk next but then backed out of the scheduled December 23 date to fight Usyk. Also of note, days before the Ngannou fight, Fury threatened Usyk with legal action if he did not accept the December 23 date. After scraping through an ugly win vs. Ngannou, Fury then ducked out of the December 23 date and got an extension to fight Usyk on February 17.

Once again Fury has found a way out of a fight with Usyk for the third time, this time with a cut that probably was self inflicted or it also could have been the work of a make up artist. Anybody who trusts Fury at this point is a fool.

Fury clearly fears Usyk. And I’ll explain why. Fury has also ducked Anthony Joshua for years, dodging AJ to fight Wilder two more times – for far less money.

Fury also faked negotiations with Joshua a year ago, only to cancel it so he could fight Chisora for the third time – for far less money than he would have earned vs Joshua.

Despite all of Fury’s yelling and screaming, he’s ducked Joshua for years and Usyk three times.  Recently Fury has insisted he will never fight Joshua because he lost to Usyk twice. But the only logical explanation for Fury to be so vehemently against fighting Joshua is fear. It would be the biggest money fight of his career, without a doubt. Why not just fight Joshua, what is the big deal? Everyone wants to see it.

So it’s a fact Fury fears Joshua. But he fears Usyk even more than AJ, because Usyk actually beat AJ twice, something Fury could never do – with actions, only with words and talk.

Today, Fury made a video interview with Usyk and his Excellency Turki Alalshikh and Usyk and Usyk’s manager Egis Klimas, hollering anger at Klimas for calling Fury a coward the day before. This is more contradiction from Fury. Weeks ago he said in interviews he didn’t care what anybody said about him. But now suddenly he’s outraged for being called a coward and making threats, such as stating he would kick Klimas’s teeth in.

Fury is indeed a coward. His record of ducking and dodging Usyk and Joshua is clear and undisputed evidence that he is a coward.

The scared dog barks the loudest. And that’s why Fury is always yelling and screaming when the names Usyk and Joshua are mentioned to him – he’s terrified of both.

So the big fat slob coward Tyson Fury got a third fourth extension to fight Usyk on May 18. But you would be a fool to think Fury will not find some escape hatch to duck Usyk for the FOURTH TIME.

Just when boxing appeared to be making a heroic comeback with Turki Alalshikh producing the best fights on the planet, the big fat slob coward Tyson Fury had to go and ruin everything.

Fury, the embarrassing big clown, fraud, pretender that he has become, after looking so good vs Klitschko a decade ago, could actually destroy the sport if he’s allowed to skate away again from facing Usyk.

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