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Fury and Wilder Know: All Roads Lead To Anthony Joshua

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By Scoop Malinowski

Both Fury and Wilder are acting and talking like two jealous, scorned wannabees about Anthony Joshua, perpetually trying to downgrade, discredit, diminish, and devalue his status. If Joshua was so weak and overrated, they would be like two wolves just drooling to get their jaws onto Joshua.


But no, they just talk talk talk, trying to beat him with words and talk, not fists or actions. Fury and Wilder are two misfit pretenders. Lennox Lewis, in his heyday, memorably used to say one of his goals was to get rid of all the misfit contenders of his era and he did just that. If Lennox Lewis¬†was active today he would consider Fury and Wilder to be misfits. Fury looked okay last night but his footwork and coordination are significantly off from what he showed at his best. Also it was not a concerning sign how friendly and nice Fury and Wilder were to each other last night. Remember how nasty Fury was to Wladimir? This Fur vs Wilder “fight” or business agreement has all the marks of an inside job WWF choreography, with the primary intent to build up the value and leverage of Fury and Wilder.


All roads lead to Anthony Joshua. Despite all the smokescreens, propaganda, media manipulation and bull jive that will be conveyed to confuse and misinform you, you must never forget this truth. All roads lead to Anthony Joshua.

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