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Golovkin’s Curious Departure From Boxing

By Scoop Malinowski

All time great Gennady Golovkin lost a decision to Canelo Alvarez last year in what looked like a rigged, soft sparring session. Since pocketing his eight figure payday, the 41 year old has vacated his two middleweight titles and appears to have quietly ended his career.

Golovkin has nothing to prove and there are no suitable opponents, who can generate much money, left to fight.

Golovkin’s departure from boxing is surely bittersweet. On the one hand, he became a global superstar and an all time great middleweight champion, earning multi-millions. But the sport also cheated Golovkin out of the biggest fights during his prime years, as Canelo, Martinez, Cotto, Ward, Mayweather at 154 all dodged him.  And all three Canelo fights all looked suspect, as if Golovkin had to play soft with the franchise money maker, in order to get those three career high jackpot paydays.

The third Canelo vs Golovkin fight looked like the most blatantly obvious choreograph, as Golovkin pushed one or two ‘going-through-the-motion’ punches at a time. He boxed as if he was forbidden to beat or even hurt the star. He did it for the farewell payday. And Golovkin’s actions and silence since the third Canelo fight suggest he’s quite disgusted and aggravated with the unfair, unlevel playing field of the sport, and it’s corrupt nature.

Golovkin was too good for his own good. Eastern European fighters never get a fair shake as the boxing establishment prefers to promote and control North American fighters and British fighters.  Those are the two biggest markets. Tyson Fury even revealed in a video interview, the establishment does not want Eastern European fighters to be the biggest stars.

And Golovkin suffered heavily from the consequences of this biased agenda.  We never saw his greatest KO wins vs Canelo, Floyd, Ward, Cotto and Martinez. Instead we saw him destroy a series of less popular challengers all in the same brutal, devastating fashion. No matter what style he faced, Golovkin beat them all the same decisive way.

Article on how Andre Ward ducked Golovkin

Golovkin is the most technically perfect fighter I ever saw, perfect pinpoint combinations, extraordinary hitting power, very good defense and ability to take a punch – nobody could knock him down. He was both a machine and artist in the ring. He was the closest thing to boxing perfection I ever saw.

The media created a false perception that Golovkin never fought anybody and never beat anybody of note – a totally stupid, irresponsible and misleading premise. Canelo, Floyd, Cotto, Martinez all had plenty of chances to step up and expose Golovkin as being a “one dimensional” and “overrated” fighter but they never did dare to be the one to dethrone Triple G. The boxing media is nothing but a mouthpiece for the corrupt establishment.

So now Golovkin has rolled off into the sunset. He has too much class to say anything about the corrupt sport he loves and hates, which paid him millions but cheated him out of his true status, as one of the greatest champions in history and quite possible the greatest 160 pounder who ever roamed a boxing ring.

The greatest talents are sometimes shrouded in obscurity.


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