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Joshua now begging Wilder to unify, Wilder ducking


By Scoop Malinowski

Anthony Joshua is now admittedly BEGGING Deontay Wilder to unify the world heavyweight championship titles but the American hoax Wilder and his protectors Al Haymon and Shelly Finkel are in silent hiding in their mouse hole, scheming their next escape route.

If it’s not obvious by now that Wilder is the fraud duck, then perhaps dear reader, you need to re-enroll in elementary school and re-do your entire schooling. It’s so obvious AJ wants the fight and Wilder is the pretender.

Wilder feels he beat Tyson Fury, so why is Wilder not embracing the opportunity to move on up like a true confident fighter would and fight Joshua and become the undisputed kingpin of the sport?

I will tell you why. Wilder is a total protected fraud hoax who KNOWS – 1000% percent knows Joshua will mop the ring up with  him and leave him asleep for hopefully not more than a few minutes. Wilder and his protectors KNOW 1000% that Joshua will end his career as a legit heavyweight and a revenue generator.

Joshua vs Fury is set up perfectly now, the April date is waiting to be scheduled. Big mouth Wilder has talked for months how AJ doesn’t want the  fight and is overrated. Joshua is now begging for the fight. Yet Wilder is putting up his roadblocks, excuses and stonewalling to kill the fight yet again.

Hey Fraudontay! Where is that $50,000,000 horseshit bullshit offer this time? Come out come out where ever you are…


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