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There Is No Face Of Boxing Today

By Scoop Malinowski

There is a media and establishment push to create a “face of boxing” in order to legitimize and promote the sport to a higher status of respect.

But boxing is floundering in popularity and prestige now and it’s stagnating a lowest ebb in decades.  Boxing has been surpassed by UFC and even pickleball, which is universally regarded as the fastest growing sport in America.

Naming a counterfeit “face of boxing” isn’t going to hide or cover the urgent problems now damaging boxing – the continuous failure to produce the biggest, “best vs the best” fights the public demands. This is due to the likes of the Floyd Mayweather Al Haymon business mentality of taking the path of least resistance route to grab money out of the public’s pockets.

The failures to make Fury vs Joshua, Fury vs Usyk, Whyte vs Wilder, Joshua vs Wilder, Crawford vs Spence, Pacquaio vs Mayweather 2, Lomachenko vs Davis, Canelo vs Beterbiev, Golovkin vs Canelo when it was peak, has sunk the sport’s image, integrity, honor and public trust.

To try and say there is a current “face of boxing” during this crisis time of the sport is just plain BS fake talk. There is no face of boxing now.

If there actually was a face of boxing right now it’s the establishment’s dysfunction and constant failure to make the most exciting fights of the best vs the best. The public are tired of all the set ups and business event matches to try to build up counterfeit pretender stars like Tank Davis, Errol Spence, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

Boxing must make the best vs best fights happen ASAP and the last man standing from those superfight showdowns will emerge as the next “face of boxing.”


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