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Usyk vs Fury Press Conference Report

By Scoop Malinowski

Tyson Fury had many objectives in today’s press conference to announce the Heavyweight Unification fight with Oleksandr Usyk in Feb. 2024. But the most important was to do damage control for his two ducks of Usyk.

Ring observers and insiders know Fury ducked Usyk twice already, there is no debate on that. Usyk even said recently this contract was signed finally because of “strong arguments” from the Saudi Arabian investor who essentially forced Fury to fight Usyk.

Usyk’s promoter Krassyuk said, ” We’ve been chasing this fight for so long. I probably won’t believe it until I hear the first bell… we are all here because of (Usyk’s) dedication and tremendous hard work…”

During the press conference Usyk was asked by the host what he saw in Fury at their first of two previous face offs? “(First one Fury was) very animated and excited…second one… exhausted.”

This had to be some kind of psychological message from Usyk to Fury.

Fury was full of his usual bluster, “I’ll show you what a heavyweight does to a middleweight” and all his overused cliches. Fury didn’t say anything memorable or original today. Except at the end of the press conference, Fury asked his promoter Frank Warren, “What about all the talk that I’m afraid of Usyk?” Krassyuk responded, “It (the fight) still hasn’t happened yet.” Team Usyk still believes it’s possible Fury could fake his way out of the Feb. date.

Fury continued his loud shouting act… the scared dog barks the loudest… the empty pot makes the most noise… with the most ridiculous, nonsensical statement of the day:   “I think he’s scared to death, he’s rattled.  I’m gonna knock him out.”

Some memorable moments:  When Usyk was asked about Fury calling him a middleweight, Usyk pondered the insult and replied, “Maybe he’s right.”

Krassyuk’s sarcasm set off a Fury rant. “Fury. Thank you man for your bravery and courage fr accepting the fight with the future undisputed champion of the world…”

Fury: “You’re all dossers… You’re going to be working for me… You’re getting smashed to pieces, sausage… You ugly little man, rabbit. You can’t beat me… You fuckin pussy…”

Usyk stayed calm and unbothered by Fury’s crazed rant:  “I’m very happy to be here, thank you people.  I speak more in the ring.”

When Fury tried to accuse Usyk of quitting in the Dubois fight after the controversial body shot/low blow, Usyk replied, “I absolutely don’t care what he thinks about that.”

It didn’t make much sense for Fury to use energy to attack Usyk on that matter, if he was so confident in his size advantages and boxing superiority, why would Fury need to try to discredit and hurt Usyk? This personal attack by Fury wasn’t necessary but it showed his insecurity and inferiority to feel the need to try to devalue Usyk.

Usyk felt no need to try to discredit Fury by mentioning how Fury exposed himself as a duck a year ago when Usyk accepted his absurd 70-30 split demand despite owning three of the four belts. Usyk could have mentioned that hot potato issue which would surely have triggered another Fury rant but he didn’t need to. He has no need or reason to expose Fury’s dirty laundry.

The face off at the finish was ended when Fury tried to push his head into Usyk’s as if to try to bully the smaller but fearless man.

Usyk said he understands why Fury acts like a crazy, loudmouth, misfit freak show. “The man behaves like that when he’s afraid. When he doesn’t feel comfort.”

It’s very possible Fury is totally spooked by Usyk’s confidence – similar to how Wladimir was of Fury, how Roy Jones was of Tarver, how Lennox was of McCall first fight. It’s very possible Fury has to mask his self doubts and fears of losing this status to a “middleweight sausage” by pretending to be confident.  It’s very possible Usyk fully understands all of this and has the mental edge and will do what needs to be done in February, to rid the sport of the Fury’s nonsense, lies, hypocrisy, BS and WWF charades, once and for all.

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