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Wilder Admits He May Duck Joshua Again


By Scoop Malinowski

Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder came face to face again for the first time in years. And the heavyweight showdown which is perfectly set up with both on the same December 23 card in Riyadh, now appears unlikely again as Wilder made a bizarre statement about ducking AJ yet again.

“It’s good to be in the same room with him. To see him face to face. It’s been a long time coming,” said Wilder before dropping the bombshell that he may duck AJ again. “Wish you nothing but the best, bro, and hopefully soon we can get it on in the ring and give the people what they want. Once and for all. But I wish you nothing but the best. Even if it doesn’t happen… but I believe it’s gonna happen… I believe it will. It’s about that time. But even if it don’t, I wish you nothing but the best. Nothing less.”

See, Wilder left his escape hatch to duck AJ in 2024. The AJ vs Wilder showdown should be 100 percent locked in. Wilder should be saying, “We are definitely going to fight next after we both beat our opponents on December 23. But Wilder made it very clear, AJ vs Wilder may not happen, by twice raising doubts and saying essentially, it may not happen. The promoter should have forced Wilder to sign a contract for Joshua next, in order to gain this free payday vs Joseph Parker.

AJ glared at Wilder studiously during the entire Wilder statement and seemed visibly disappointed that Wilder twice mentioned that it still may not happen. Wilder also called AJ “bro” and wished him nothing but the best THREE times. At the end, AJ just sat back in his chair with a disgusted expression. He surely knows Wilder is con-jobbing everyone again and is going to once again duck the biggest money fight out there for himself. But that’s what protected frauds do – Mayweather ducked Pacquiao for six years. Fury ducked Usyk twice already. Fury ducked AJ to fight Chisora for the third time.  Wilder ducked Whyte for three years. Wilder ducked AJ for $120m to fight Breazeale for peanuts.

I’ve been studying this rivalry for eight years and I can 100 percent guarantee you Wilder is going to duck AJ again in early 2024. He’s deceiving everyone again and after the Joseph Parker fight, he will either fight Ngannou or Fury 4.

Shame on Wilder and his cowardly two-faced lies and perpetual ducking of Anthony Joshua.

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