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Why Canelo Is In Survival Duck Mode


By Scoop Malinowski

Canelo Alvarez has reached the end. He knows he can’t handle the terrors anymore so he wants to cruise through five more years of easy set ups. Canelo thinks he’s earned that right to fight handpicked patsies for another five years.

Canelo recently said he intends to box five more years.  But he’s also made it clear he will not fight high risk challengers like Terence Crawford, David Benavidez and Artur Beterbiev. Bivol rematch? Fat chance.

Canelo is in the second fight of his three-fight PBC contract with Al Haymon. He beat the one Charlo not long ago in a dreadful, half-hearted contest that looked exactly like a “play soft fight” vs. a hired patsy just there for the career high payday.

For PBC fight no. 2, Canelo says he won’t fight Crawford – because if he wins vs. the 20 pounds lighter Bud, he says he won’t get any credit, which is nonsense, because he got no credit for beating Charlo. Obviously Canelo fears unified welter king Crawford, the unbeaten pound for pound best fighter on earth today.

Canelo also is still dodging Benavidez, who has been his mandatory WBC challenger for over a year.  Haymon hasn’t even tried to make that fight, though he controls Benavidez, obviously because he knows Canelo fears losing to Benavidez, which would end his value, his leverage and his revenue stream income, which he is scheming to extend for another five years vs. handpicked patsies like Charlo.

It’s disturbing that Canelo thinks he can milk the system and milk dumb boxing fans with another five years of rigged sparring sessions which he is guaranteed to win.  Five more years means five more years of guaranteed, “managed in advance wins” as HBO’s Jim Lampley once said.

The word is Canelo wants the Charlo brother for his next fight – he says he wants to fight an American next (but not Crawford) – Charlo 2 would be an obvious easy, guaranteed win. But Haymon supposedly wants to match Canelo vs. Jaime Munguai. Obviously Canelo doesn’t want Munguai because it’s too dangerous, too tough, too hungry and too risky. Charlo is the guaranteed win, your prototypical “hired patsy.”

Canelo has already earned hundreds of millions. There’s no way he’s going to risk his health and self preservation in a real brawl fight with some young lion like Benavidez or a master scientist like Crawford.  Canelo is on the way out now. He’s just going through the motions, masquerading as a great. He’s not willing to prove it anymore.  In all sports, you’re only as good as your last game or last match or last fight.

Canelo doesn’t want to prove himself anymore. With words maybe but not by actions. Canelo is all talk now. This week he’s saying he would beat Monzon and Ray Robinson. But true greats never blow their own trumpet like that. Phony counterfeits do that.

Stick a fork in Canelo, he’s done. The Mexican fraud show is over. And you’d be a fool to keep wasting your time and money to watch this ducking, dodging, sidestepping, evadingCa Mexican in any more sparring sessions with people like Charlo.

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