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Why Wilder Must Duck Joshua vs Ruiz

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By Scoop Malinowski

Deontay Wilder is being protected from Anthony Joshua on all levels. While pretending to want to fight Joshua with big talk in the media, whenever it comes down to the moment of truth, Wilder and his protectors do what they do best – hide.

Anthony Joshua makes his debut as a champion on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden against Andy Ruiz. Wilder is available to sit at ringside which would explode the excitement and public hunger to see the biggest fight in the sport, a nine figure blockbuster heavyweight unification showdown. But Wilder will not attend the fight and his team is already scheduling a meaningless lousy rematch with Luis Ortiz.

On the surface, it’s 100% obvious to all that Wilder and his team want nothing to do with fighting Joshua obviously because they know Wilder has no chance to beat Joshua and will certainly be knocked out, thus ending Wilder’s capacity to become a major money maker.

Yes, Wilder manager Shelly Finkel says he’s going to be at ringside for Joshua vs Ruiz, but it’s just a smoke and mirror deception. Finkel will be there to deflect all the attention off Wilder’s ducking, Finkel will be there to parrot off a bunch of pre-scripted lies about wanting to make the fight in 2020, about how Deontay really wants the fight but it’s not the right time yet.

Which of course is all lies. It’s the most perfect time to make the fight.  Wilder just doesn’t sell even in America – he sold only 6,000 tickets earlier this month fro beating Dominic Breazeale in Brooklyn. Joshua is going to sell out the Garden on Saturday night, already selling a reported 19,000 tickets with five days to go.

By the way, the US women’s soccer team sold 23,000 tickets last week for a friendly vs Mexico in New Jersey. This shows what a minor draw Wilder is.

If Wilder and his team had any confidence or guts they would go after Joshua next and sign that four fight DAZN deal for $120,000,000 which entails two tomato can fights and two AJ fights.

By dodging that gargantuan contract offer, one can only suspect all of Wilder’s fights will be fixed wins until they sign with DAZN or they can bank $120,000,000 which appears impossible because there is no opponent out there other than Joshua who can generate nine figures. The only explanation is that Finkel and Al Haymon have a long term scheme to keep building Wilder to 50-0 with more rigged knockout wins vs hired patsies like Breazeale and Ortiz and Adam Kownacki.

There is no other logical explanation for Wilder not being at ringside Saturday night to watch Joshua vs Ruiz. There is no other logical explanation for Wilder and his team to not want to fight Joshua next.

Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn have made it clear they want Wilder NEXT. Over and over and over. But the American boxing media has to downplay this truth and protect the hoax pretender owned and operated by the American boxing establishment.

Shame on Wilder for not having the courage and guts to face Joshua face to face on Saturday night. He has proven once again he’s a protected fraud coward who prefers easy rigged KO wins against the likes of Breazeale and Ortiz for small money than to take the opportunity, to take the bull by the horns, to dare to be great by attempting to beat Anthony Joshua.

All roads lead to Anthony Joshua. And while the boxing world will learn this on Saturday night in New York City, the great pretender Deontay Wilder will be hiding somewhere in Alabama, unable to summon the courage and bravery to come to New York and face the truth.

Champions dare to be great and desire to face and beat the best. Cowards hide like cockroaches in Alabama.


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