Biofile: Evander Holyfield Q&A


STATUS: Four-time heavyweight champ. CHILDHOOD HERO: Martin Luther King. He was a great man, a Christian man. Good for the people. He tried to take the people to the Promised Land. NICKNAMES: The Real Deal, Warrior, Commander Vander, Chubby (as a kid). HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Bowling, helping people, listening to music, all ...

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Lomachenko is a ring magician

Embed from Getty Images Archie Moore said years after losing to Cassius Clay that “the worst feeling in the world is being in a fight you know you cant win.” Like Ol’ Archie felt utterly helpless inside the ring with Clay, Nicholas Walters knew he had no chance, no hope ...

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Biofile: Alex Stewart RIP

Status: Former heavyweight contender and 1984 Olympian for Jamaica. Achieved a professional record of 43-10 (40 KOs). DOB: June 28, 1964 In: London, England Ht: 6-3 Wt: 218 Childhood Heroes: “Sugar Ray Robinson. Muhummad Ali. Ken Norton. Joe Frazier. George Foreman – it was like a dream fighting George (in ...

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Final Prediction for Kovalev vs Ward

Kovalev vs Ward Press Conference: Calm Before the Storm-media-1

Final Ward vs Kovalev prediction: Jay Z curiously is doing nothing to promote Ward vs Kovalev. Kovalev looked like a beast already pre-celebrating a KO win yesterday at the weigh in. Ward actually said this week that “one punch can change everything.” (Ali didn’t dare say that before Foreman. Lewis ...

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Boxing Lacks Star Personalites

Tyson’s Rage Before The Golota Fight-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski Bobby Gunn, the boxer and bare-fist fighting champion started a discussion on Facebook about boxing journalists not doing the sport justice in their coverage largely because most press guys never boxed or have been punches in the face. I pondered the topic and countered with the suggestion ...

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